Friday, March 2, 2007

The PlameGate Movie: Please don't ruin it, Warner Brothers

So the Wilsons have sold the rights to their story to Warner Brothers.
This make believe casting for the movie is a fun exercise, and I've been thinking about it since I read Joe Wilson's book, The Politics of Truth. It’s also driving me crazy to imagine how much Hollywood might blow it.

Here is my casting prayer: please Warner Bros. can you refrain from casting mega stars that we have seen a zillion times in a zillion movies. There are so many actors that don’t get roles who have really great acting skills and this is such an important story. Please hire actors who can really inhabit these roles, not those who can’t help but give off their tiresome movie star flavour.

So please no George Clooney. Same goes for Richard Gere and Ben Affleck.

Similarly obsessed Plamegate watchers have suggested Harrison Ford and Redford and Douglas for Wilson??? No a thousand times no I say! These ancient guys have been in every second movie ever made in Hollywood for the past 3 decades. Likewise please don't put Meryl Streep in this movie anywhere - or in any movie at all for at least seven years. (I'll never forgive you Hollywood for casting Meryl in the Devil Wears Prada when the role so obviously should have gone to Miranda Richardson).

Joe Wilson should be a distinguished older guy with his youthful handsomeness now fading into a slight jowly-ness. Joe Wilson earned those jowls and that stature by standing up to Saddam Hussein when he was ambassador. We can't have anybody who would be a present day pretty boy, like Clooney. I vote for Liam Neeson.

And now the mystery woman, Mrs Wilson. Valerie Plame. She of the gently rounded forehead, the movie star smile, the cheekbones. The one who looks more like Sharon Stone than Sharon Stone. OK, Miss Stone is 4 years older than the real Valerie but big deal. I vote for Sharon Stone. Put away all thoughts of Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts, Jodie Foster or other chiseled waifs.

And of course Judy Davis was put on the planet to play Judy Miller.

For the prosecutorial god that is Mr. Fitzgerald, I submit to you Campbell Scott, an amazing and unsung acting genius. Handsome but not too handsome, like Fitz, and also like Fitz, he oozes humanity, intelligence and authenticity.

For the rest of the crowd, I'm not sure yet. But I'll be scanning the crowds.

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